Lucie and the Miracles 1970

The harsh reality of a home for abandoned children blends with episodes of youthful fantasy and slapstick comedy in this story of an orphan girl. Lucy's fondest wish is to find new parents and leave an orphanage. She befriends a man who can create doors from paint. He gives her a stuffed dog that magically comes alive when placed on the ground, and he and his wife end up adopting the little girl. After finding parents of her own, Lucy sets out through fantasy to find parents for her orphan friends. All of the people Lucy meet during her remarkable make believe wanderings end up taking children home.

Black Tulip 1988

When a 100,000-guilder contest is announced in 1800s Holland, Cornelius sets about to grow one to win the prize. However, at the same time, the local alchemist, Bochstel, is trying to cast a spell that will give him unlimited power - and 2 of his ingredients must be a fair maiden (Cornelius's girlfriend, Rosa) and a black flower! Cornelius succeeds in producing a black tulip, but is then arrested for treason for possessing something sent him in the mail - and Bochstel steals his tulip. Cornelius must escape from jail, retrieve his precious flower, and stop Bochstel from completing his spell.

Wreck Raisers 1972

Four children save money to buy a boat but are accused of boat stealing. When the boat is wrecked, they have to raise the wreck to prove their innocence.

Mauro the Gypsy 1972

When chickens start to disappear and scrap metal litters the countryside, the time has obviously come for Mauro and his family to be moved on. But things are not always what they seem to be.

Blinker's Spy-Spotter 1972

Blinker, so named because he blinks whenever he has a bright idea for a new invention, is the son of an eccentric Professor who is developing a top secret Pulsar Crystal X. Blinker's inventions help him to be a successful goalkeeper and to keep an eye on The Masons gang - and some real crooks.

From the Family of Reptiles 1974

A commissioned work for a television series on WDR, A House for Us. FROM THE FAMILY OF REPTILES and THE ISLAND are a complete program in two episodes. After all with Michael Ballhaus as the cinematographer. Ute (Katja Wulff), an 8 year old girl, constantly runs away from home and the youth center to escape into her own world. She spends many hours at the zoo and especially in front of the crocodil compound. Monika Brehm (Lisa Kreuzer), the kindergarten teacher, tries to find an entrance into Ute’s world. She realizes that her escapes are a form of withdrawal from her parents and the grown up world.

El metiche 1972

Clownish simpleton can't resist meddling in his neighbors' business. Pretty much a remake of El Reveltoso.