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Tour de Pharmacy

Tour de Pharmacy
A mockumentary that chronicles the prevalence of doping in the world of professional cycling.


**The race is on, and so the madness.** Another 40 minute television mockumentary made by Jake Szymanski. The previous one was about the 1996 Wimbledon finals, where we saw Serena and Venus Williams in small parts. This one was across the English channel about the 1982 'Tour de France', where the boxing legend Mike Tyson makes into despite not related to the sport. Sets in the present day that interviews the those who took part and others who had connected with the '83 French cycling event. They share their experiences with us. The director is kind of setting up a trend and his own style of filmmaking. I really loved it as I did for his other film. So I'm already thinking where he could go from here for the next one. Probably further south to Italy, for Grand Prix (F1)! But something is very clear, that it'll be a sports themed flick. Those who loved the '7 Days in Hell' would do the same for it as well. Similarly, it was the film for adults, because of some full nudity. As you know how a documentary film is edited out with many clips from the different timeline/era, for this film they have used VHS cam to get the retro type effect. Very genuinely done. If you never visited online searching detail about the film and have not heard anything about it from friends and family, you might think it's real. Because that's how perfect it was. Don't believe what I said in the previous line. If you know films, then you surely have some idea to differentiate the types of films you watch. Except there will be always some doubt till you read them online or get cleared by your friends and family. That's what I meant. So it was not perfect as the one Peter Jacson made in the 90s before getting fame. > ❝When you put a crazy person in charge of the 'Tour de France', crazy things will happen.❞ In this case, it was too much unrealistic to the actual world. I mean in the serious world. But what you see in it was very funny. And again, to have that greater fun, one must know at least a brief history of 'Tour de France'. It's not mandatory to understand the film. Those who have got no idea about that cycling race can still have fun. But if you are familiar with, then the fun will be two folded. Some of the historic events attached to it. Like a cyclist falling in love with a French farmer woman. And so on, the parodies would keep you entertained. If not, at least you should have seen Ben Foster's 'The Program' before trying this. That film will give you as much detail as you can feel comfortable with while watching this one. Like Andy Serkis the master of motion-capture, Zoe Saldana the alien queen, now the Andy Samberg is becoming a specialist in mockumentary leads. Not to forget his 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping'. There won't be any surprise if he and this director team up again for a similar flick as I mentioned in the earlier paragraph. Finally, it is one of the best films of the year. I highly recommend it. It is truly a multi-starrer. From John Cena to JJ Abrams to Lance Armstrong, it was a big cast for a short film. The twist and turns are everywhere. It opened with a twist in the tale, and so the end. Besides the game it related to, some of the sub-topic filled the rest of the film. And one of them, the highlight was gay theme. The mockumentary fans must not miss it. Even after reading my review. _8/10_
An entertaining enough short that is roughly 50/50 in hits and misses with the humour, an average that I find surpasses the majority of modern American comedy. _Final rating:★★½ - Not quite for me, but I definitely get the appeal._

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